35C Everyday Chic Morphe Palette – A little review

So I was very kindly gifted the Morphe 35C Everyday Chic Palette for my birthday this year and I had to feature it in it’s own post! I did put together a full What I Got for My Birthday post too if you want to check out the other bits. This palette is the first Morphe 35 Palette that I own and I wanted to make sure I didn’t get the one everyone has; I wanted to change it up a bit! This post is my honest thoughts on the palette so I hope you enjoy!

a picture of the morphe 35c everyday chic palette

The Colours

The 35C Everyday Chic has such a range of colours! It has a lot of lovely neutral and taupey colours as well as quite a few pink shades. As well as the more natural colours it has a few more out there purple and emerald shades which I’m excited to play with when I’m feeling brave. Its a really good palette for creating both day time and night-time looks just because there’s so many shades. All of the shadows are really buttery and pigmented except for one.

Talk of the Town is the pressed glitter shade right in the middle and if i’m being honest it’s a bit rubbish. It really doesn’t have any pay off what so ever it’s just big chunks of glitter that I struggle to get to show on my finger, let alone eye. I’m a little bit disappointed by this but the rest of the colours make up for it! I’ll leave my favourite Matte an Shimmer colours below so you can see which I’m most excited for.

My favourite mattes include ‘Feelin Pretty’ which is a light pink/mauve colour. ‘Total Mood’ which is a muted berry colour and ‘Oh You’ which is a chestnut brown. All really easy to wear colours that will go with so many looks! My favourite shimmers are ‘Whoa is Me’ which is a mix between a bronze and a champagne colour. ‘Enamored’ which is berry pink and ‘Side of Sass’ which is a light gold bronze. Same as the mattes they’re all so easy to wear and I can’t wait to experiment!

The Palette

The palettes itself isn’t as big as I expected it to be however it still wouldn’t fit in my make-up bag! It’s a really sleek looking palette with a black outside and a rose gold/pink inside. The only thing I wish is that it had a mirror! I like a palette with a mirror because it’s great when traveling. However for the £24 price point the mirror is something I can live without! I do just wish it was a little sturdier because I am worried about it breaking in my suitcase so I’m just going to have to hope for the best.

Overall I really like the 35C Everyday Chic palette! I can definitely recommend it despite the couple of faults I’ve mentioned. It’s perfect for all occasions and day and night time looks which is exactly what you want from a palette!

Have you guys got a favourite palette? I’d love to know in the comments!

Han x

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