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My 2020 Favourites – A Round Up of the best bits

So to kick off 2021 I wanted to do a little round of my 2020 favourites! This includes not just beauty and lifestyle bits, but the best things that have happened this year. Given the circumstances it’s actually been a very good year! There have been loads of new beauty bits that I’ve fallen in love with. As well as this, moving out and being at home all the time has given lots of home and lifestyle bits too!

beauty favourites including pixi clarity tonic, imperial leather bath soak and fenty beauty makeup

I love reading these favourite posts as it always gives me some ideas of products I need to try. I hope my favourites give you some ideas so keep on reading to find out what I’ve been loving…

Beauty Favourites


Pixi Clarity Tonic – This Pixi tonic has been an absolute lifesaver this year! My skin has gotten so much worse with the constant mask wearing and this has come in very handy. I try use it twice a day and it really helps clear everything up as long as I keep up on top of it! The tonic isn’t too cheap but it does last quite a while so it’s definitely worth the money. You can also buy a mini version if you just want to try it.

Neutrogena Hydroboost Moisturiser – This moisturiser is my absolute fave! It’s so so good and so so inexpensive. I’ve found it’s a bit of a dupe for the Clinique Moisture Surge. It’s been a life saver whilst spending a lot of time inside as my skins dried out and it’s perfect for dry skin. It’s been the perfect high street moisturiser and definitely has a good place in my 2020 favourites!


Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation – I’ve had this foundation for a while and never really used it; This year however I’ve fallen back in love with it! It’s a perfect medium coverage foundation for everyday and a staple everyone needs. It comes in so many different shades as well so there’s something for everyone. Working from Home everyday doesn’t mean a full face of makeup but when I do wear it this is what I go for!

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter – Similar to the above this a highlighter I love for the days I’m wearing makeup! It’s so so pigmented and gives such a fab sparkle. It’s quite intense so it’s not one for everyday though if you prefer something more toned down. I also love using it on my eyes as a sparkly lid colour, so versatile. Fenty Beauty is a brand that definitely has a place in my 2020 favourites!

Vaseline Rose – This is such a simple one but I love it! The rose tint makes it perfect for everyday. With all the mask wearing I’ve gone off lipstick and this is the perfect alternative to avoid smudges. It’s so inexpensive too so can’t really go wrong! Another benefit has been that towards the end of the year when it’s been getting colder it’s kept my lips from getting dry. It’s a staple!

Bath and Body

Imperial Leather Bath Soak – This bath soak has been an absolute game changer for me! It literally costs £1!! It’s so inexpensive and it makes the most amazing bath. Loads of bubbles and it smells amazing. I’ve been through a couple of bottles of these recently and every scent I’ve had has been just as good!

The Body Shop Hand Cream – This is another one of my 2020 favourites that has been perfect as it’s got colder. As well as this all the constant hand gel and hand washing has killed my hands and they’ve been super dry. Hand cream has been an essential and The Body Shop creams have been perfect, I especially love the Christmas scents! These are perfect for keeping in my handbag and beside my bed for whenever I need them.

other favourites including wax melts, pandora rings and animal crossing

Fashion Favourites

Olivia Burton Watch – I’m usually a Fitbit kinda gal but since being in the house a lot more I’m not putting it on. This means that when I do go out I’ve been reaching for a watch instead and it’s a very pretty watch at that! I’d always loved the look of Olivia Burton watches and I was lucky enough to get a couple as gifts across the years. I’ve now been loving wearing them again as they smarten up any look straight away!

Pandora Rings – I’ve definitely been converted to a ring person so I had to include these in my 2020 favourites! I never used to like rings but since I’ve been gifted a couple I’ve never gone back. Owen has gifted me a couple of Pandora rings and I love them. They have styles for everyone and the sizes are really inclusive as far as I’ve found. It’s a brand that’s good for gifts but also good if you just fancy treating yourself!

New Look Joggers – Joggers have been my go to since WFH started, I practically live in them! They’re so much comfier than jeans but you’re more dressed than being in PJs. These New Look cuffed joggers are inexpensive and really comfy. They come in a range of different colours including some more colourful funky ones. I think joggers are the perfect WFH uniform and considering I’ve not worn anything else since March I had to include them in my 2020 favourites!

Lifestyle and Home Favourites

Wax Melts – I’ve recently changed from a candle person to a wax melt person and there is no going back! I absolutely love my wax burners! I find the waxes so much better because you can have a new scent burning in minutes. You can try out lots of different scents rather than burning the same candle for weeks. I’ve personally loved Sassy Shop Wax for a while now so they definitely needed a mention! Also more recently for Christmas Owen gifted me a couple of melts from Castle Wax which have been amazing too!

Animal Crossing – Now I feel like everyone and their mums were playing Animal Crossing back at the first lockdown! Honestly I don’t think I did anything but play this back in April! I’ve definitely not played as much recently but I had to included as part of my 2020 favourites. This game is so much fun and it brings back such nostalgia from when I was younger. Now I’m back in Tier 4 (boo!) I’ll be back playing as much as I can!

Greys Anatomy – I had to include my favourite TV show of the year too! I’ve been obsessed with Greys Anatomy since the summer. There’s currently 17 seasons I think and I’m about half way through so it’s definitely going to keep me busy in 2021 too! At first I didn’t think I would like it as with it being a hospital drama there’s a lot of gross stuff involved; however it’s not as bad as you think. I can really recommend if you’re looking for something new to binge in the new year!

Life Favourites

Camping – Back in July when the lockdown was lifted enough for us to go away I went camping for the first time! It wasn’t the two weeks in Florida I originally had planned for this year but I really enjoyed it! I went with Owen and his family who had done it plenty of times before so I was in good hands. We had such amazing weather and it was such a fab few days. I’m dying to get back abroad next year but if it’s still not doable camping will definitely be on the cards!

Moving Out – The big thing I did this year was move out of my Mum’s and 100 miles North to live with Owen! We’ve been in our little flat since October and I am absolutely loving it! It’s been so nice after living apart for the first lockdown too. Getting to decorate and do everything how we want has been so much fun. I haven’t been able to do much out in Newcastle what with the restrictions but hopefully that’ll change next year. We’ve signed on for 12 months so plan to move again in 2021 so very excited to see what that brings!

So there you have it, My 2020 Favourites! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about everything that I’ve loved this year! It’s been such an odd year but on to bigger and better things in 2021. I’d love to hear about all the things you’ve been loving this year so leave a comment below!

Han x

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