2021 Round-Up – A look back on the year

What a year! 2021 has honestly been more of a rollercoaster than 2020 and I really didn’t think that was possible. I wanted to do a ‘2021 Round-Up’ because as much as its been a mental year, it’s been fab! There have been so many fab times with friends and family that I just wanted a little place to reflect on this. I’m not setting any massive goals for the year as I always feel they bring too much pressure. But I do want to get back into blogging! I’m not putting loads of pressure on myself but I really miss it. My new job has definitely brought out my creativity again so I want to channel it here. Watch this space…

I am so grateful for all the amazing times I’ve had so I think its important to look back on them before we head into 2022.


The first few months of the year were still spent in lockdown. It wouldn’t be a 2021 Round-Up without a little mention of lockdown! This was tough as i’d only just moved away from home so was adjusting to life in Newcastle without being able to do anything. We definitely made the most of it with lots of fab walks over the weekends. I touched on this in my National Trust Days Out post back towards the beginning of the year. We had so much fun exploring all areas around us; this included lots of hot chocolate and ice-creams. We also had a lovely at home valentines day in February. This was made up of Homemade Pizzas and lots of chocolate which was lovely, definitely a highlight!

The Return of Date Night

When the restrictions started to lift we wasted no time in getting out and enjoying ourselves! Initially this involved outdoor afternoons at the pub and finally being able to visit York again. Had some lovely times and the weather really did help. Finally we got to May and we were eating out nearly every weekend; Maybe a little over the top but we wanted to make the most of it! We had lots of occasions to celebrate, Owens birthday, him passing his exam and my new job! 

We had lots of amazing food and afternoons out, just the two of us but also with family and friends. Some of the fave places we visited included Jesmond Beach Box, Prima, Fat Hippo and Revolution de Cuba to name a few.


The only holiday we were able to take this year was our camping trip so it had to be a part of the 2021 Round-Up. Wasn’t quite a week on the beach but we still had a fab time! We stayed at Rudding Holiday Park for 3 nights and it was so lovely. The weather wasn’t ideal but we still managed a BBQ and a trip to the outdoor spa up at the hotel. It was so nice and relaxing, reading for most of the day and playing games. Was such a lovely campsite too, I can 100% recommend it!

Following our camping trip we had a lovely overnight stay at Close House. Owen was a big fan of this as it is a lovely golf club. We had dinner in their amazing restaurant then went out for a few drinks to the local village. This was such a luxurious night away, it was such a treat! We also watched the Euros but we don’t need to talk about how that ended…

Birthday Month

August was full of loads of celebrations, including my birthday! I had a fabulous day out at the races with all my friends from school to start the celebrations. My mum and I then went for a lovely meal at The Ivy on my actual birthday. Then to top it off I went to an outdoor theatre production of Mamma Mia which was amazing! I had already seen this show in London but this was just as good. I am so lucky to be able to include so much fab stuff in my 2021 Round-Up. Once Owen had sat his next exam, we then celebrated with a trip to Ghetto Golf Newcastle and lots of good food and cocktails.

It wasn’t for my birthday, but in August we also took a trip to Warner Bros Studio down in London. I am the biggest Harry Potter fan so this was amazing! I’ve been a couple of times before however there was loads of new stuff to see this time. This included the new Gringotts set and also the new Chocolate Frog café before you enter the tour. So magical! 


Freedom day was 100% a highlight of the 2021 Round-Up and along with that came the return of festivals. We had a day trip to Car Fest with my Dad and Step-mum which was so much fun! Not our kind of music but so much fun to be back at festivals. There was so much more than the music here including food/drink stalls and vintage cars. 

But the big festival we did was This is Tomorrow in Newcastle in September. This was exactly our kind of music and it was the best 3 days! It was honestly a little bit mental but we had so much fun dancing, singing and drinking all weekend again. There were also a few gigs scattered through the year, one of our favourites was Sea Girls, so amazing being back at live music!

New Job

The summer also brought the start of my new job! This is 100% up there with one of the best moments of the year and the 2021 Round-Up. I had been working so hard to get on the career path I wanted and finally it paid off. Marketing is definitely where I want to be and I’m so excited to see where it takes me. Further to this, I am working towards my Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications and I passed the first module in December! On top of this I have met some amazing girls and I can’t wait for what 2022 brings.


To end the year we took a trip to London with Owens family. This was so much fun, we had an amazing few days! We shopped, we ate and we saw Hamilton which again, highlight of the year! It had been so long since I had done any of the tourist sites so it was fab to do some exploring. There was obviously lots of Christmas shopping done, including a trip to Harrods and Oxford Street; I was in my element. We took a trip to Winter Wonderland which was so so festive and again, lots of food was consumed!

Like I said Hamilton was my favourite! I have been obsessed with the show for years so to finally see it was amazing. One of the best shows I’ve see and if you’re ever after a new one to watch you should really check it out. I could definitely watch it again!

New House

We bought a house! The week before Christmas, Owen and I completed on our first home! This has been in the works since July and finally we got the keys. It’s very early days and we haven’t been able to move in yet; still so exciting! Christmas and COVID have put a little hold on moving but we’re hoping to be in over the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait to share and document this journey with you all! Plus this hasn’t even been announced on Instagram yet, you heard it here first…

So there you have it, my 2021 Round-Up! I hope you enjoyed reading and I can’t wait to look back on this post in a years time when we’ve finished 2022. What has been the highlight of your year? Let me know below!

Han x


  • readandreviewit

    Oh wow – it seems like you had some really amazing moments in 2021! It sounds like you had a lovely celebration for your birthday, I can’t believe you managed to experience all of that! I’d really love to go to London this year, I already wanted to but now I’m dying to go, haha. Winter Wonderland sounds like a dream! Thanks for sharing, wishing you all the best in 2022 x

  • Fritzie

    Looks like you had a fabulous year. Congrats on the new job and house.. The highlight of my year was going to NYC on my birthday. My hubby and I watched a Broadway show and had fun exploring the city.
    Wishing you a year filled of fun adventures. Happy New Year!

  • Hannah

    It sounds like you’ve had such a lovely year! Congrats on the new job and moving house, they are massive achievements. Also totally don’t blame you for eating out every weekend me and my boyfriend did the same haha, it was so nice to be able to get out again and not have to do the cooking and washing up xx

    Hannah |

  • Simona

    Hannah, what a wonderful year 2021 was for you and Owen! Congrats on the new job and the house, can’t wait to see what you guys can do to it! And to many more happy memories in this 2022 that just started too x

  • Caroline

    Your year seems very action-packed which is so nice! I got tickets to the HP studios for my 18th in 2020 but haven’t been able to go yet, the chocolate frog cafe sounds amazing. Also very jealous that you saw Mamma Mia 😍

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